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Mississauga Auto Repair

Look for a mechanic you can depend on and trust, and it will lead you to Mississauga Auto Repair each and every time. From repairing and maintaining foreign and domestic vehicles, to purchasing your next pre-owned vehicle, we can become more than just your mechanic, but your car dealer, your automobile consultant and much more. Speak to us about your car maintenance and we can lead you through possible automobile maintenance programs that will extend the life of your car and keep your costs low, while keep common car problems in check and your vehicle in great working condition.

As your trusted automobile repair and maintenance consultants, we can look at more than just the immediate operation of your vehicle. Rather, we take a look at the whole picture and help you determine what the true cost of repairing your vehicle is, the options for repairing and continuing to use the vehicle, and the possible options of replacing your vehicle with one of our greatly maintained and pre-owned vehicles. The compliment of our staff brings in individuals from all types of different backgrounds, educations, work experiences and skills, combining everyone into a pool of expertise that can be used for any make and model of vehicle each and every time. Whether you need automotive repairs, collision repairs, transmission repairs, regular automobile maintenance, engine overhauls, or any type of major repair work, our team can do it without hesitation or question.



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Mississauga Auto Repair
Posted Monday, October 17th, 2011